Burns AvenueIf you are looking for a bank, your problem won’t be where to find one, your problem will be which one to chose. Majority of banks in San Ignacio are located right on Burns Avenue, if you are coming down Burns Avenue from the Hawksworth Bridge you’ll find Scotiabank & Atlantic Bank which are the easiest to find as they are the first banks, and are on the opposite side of the street from each other, now take a little walk down more and you’ll find Belize Bank, and if you continue and take a right, you’ll run in Alliance Bank. Hopefully one of these banks will be able to fulfill your banking needs:

When it comes to shopping, the downtown area of San Ignacio is where you will get just about everything you need. Burns Avenue all on its own hosts a great deal of shops which sell a variety of items. Whether you are looking for some souvenirs, or just looking for some new apparel you’ll find it all there. If you might be looking for some fresh fruits and vegetables you can usually find vendors along the street or you can just head down to the market area and you’ll find an abundant amount of vendors from which you can get your fresh vegetables and fruits.

Bus TransportationTransportation in the "Twin Towns" is available in many forms and for different budgets. Most of the time you will be able to walk to your destination in town. However, if your destination is located a few miles outside of town you may be able to ride the bus which has runs every 30 minutes east and west-bound. However, convenient taxis/cabs are available and these can take you wherever you want to go at different prices.