The "Twin Towns" of San Ignacio and Santa Elena offer a variety of activities and attractions that attract thousands of visitors every year. You can experience a mix of visitors coming from all over Belize and abroad to enjoy what San Ignacio and Santa Elena have to offer.

Thousand Foot Falls( as how it is referred by Belizeans) is  another truly spectacular natural attraction you don't want to miss. 1,000 Foot Falls is the tallest waterfall in Belize and Central America. This fall is 1,600 ft. tall and falls over a steep cliff where it is submerged into densely forested depths. It is a grand waterfall and an attraction worth seeing. But if you are the adventurous type you can hike down the mountainside and end such challenge with a cool and refreshing swim on the deep pool at the base of the waterfall.

Actun Tunichil Muknal is a Maya arechological site discovered in 1989 a few miles from San Ignacio. Following a 45-minute drive from San Ignacio and a 45-minute hike through the nature trails of the Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve, and several jungle stream crossings, visitors find a crystal-clear stream flowing from the cave opening. A short swim into the cave and a guided hike through the underground realm is rewarded by one of the most impressive Maya sites in Belize, including massive pots, ceremonial chambers and human skeletal remains cemented in limestone.

Cahal Pech Maya Ruin

Cahal Pech ("Place of Ticks") is located on the outskirts of San Ignacio at a short 10 minute walk from the center. The Cahal Pech Museum offers displays of various different educational writings, models and other items found

Caracol Maya Ruin

Caracol is one grandest and most profound site in all of Belize. You’ll get to witness just how vast the Maya Civilization was and you’ll be in awe to see the massive structures   It takes approximately 2 hours to get there, but the ride will be worth it with all the beauty of nature surrounding you.

El Pilar Maya Ruin

Located about 12 miles from San Ignacio town near Bullet Tree Falls village. Travel through all weather roads deep into the jungle crossing over rivers into the Yalbac hills to get to this site well known for its birdwatching. El Pilar is one of Belize’s largest Mayan sites covering about 50 acres of jungle, there are many large temples on site the tallest of which is about 70 feet high.

Rio On Pools

If you are headed to Rio on Pools you are headed to a marvelous interaction with nature. At Rio on Pools you can enjoy a picnic surrounded by the fresh scent of pine, and chilly temperature of the pine forests. Also enjoy the breathtaking sight of small waterfalls making their journey over large granite rocks, spilling into cool round pools. Just a short distance from the picnic area you can hike down to the river where you are tempted to swim on the relaxing famous pools of the Rio on Pools or enjoy the view of its waterfalls and natural water slides. An unforgettable view that will bring you unforgettable moments.  This is truly a great place for all those nature lovers, because here you will have a taste of paradise and the wonders of nature.

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